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North Shore Animal Hospital

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Serving clients and their pets 

in the Racine, Wisconsin

and surrounding areas 

since 1970.

North Shore Animal Hospital located in the village of Caledonia Racine Wisconsin

Call us at (262) 639-7500     

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Through our relationships,
we help our patients 

live longer and healthier lives.

We have been serving pet parents in the Racine and surrounding areas for more than fifty years. We strive to treat our clients the way that we would like to be treated and our patients as if they were our own pets. North Shore Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital, providing  complete diagnostics including;  in-house  laboratory,  digital radiography and digital dental radiography.  We also offer cO2 surgical and therapy laser for our patients.

We are here to provide you with the resources that will enable you  to keep your pets happy and healthy.

OVID-19 Curbside update

COVID-19  Curbside Appointment Update -June 2021

We will be implementing new protocols for our Social Distance Appointments and escorting one client inside with their pet beginning June 1st.  Due to the limited space in our lobby and our exam rooms, some appointments will remain by Curbside at this time.

Social Distance appointments will include, but are not limited to, most examinations for ill or injured pets and pets receiving wellness vaccinations.
We will confirm if your pet has a Social Distance Appointment or a Curbside Appointment when you schedule your pet's appointment or when you check in.  Please continue to call when you arrive.  This will allow us to prepare a sanitized room for you and your pet.

We will continue to offer Curbside Appointments to all of our clients and would be happy to escort your pet inside if you prefer.  This is a good option if you would rather wait in your vehicle, have children with you or if you just want to come as you are and stay in your car!

As much as we would all love to see every single one of our clients again, refills of prescriptions, food and supplies, as well as some appointments, will continue by Curbside at this time, due to the limited space in our building.

Please inform us of any COVID-19 exposure, symptoms or positive test in the past two weeks, so we can make alternate arrangements for your pet.

To help minimize exposure between staff and clients, we will ask that one person only escort your pet inside.  At this time, masks will be required for all clients, regardless of vaccination status.  Our goal is to keep our staff and our clients healthy and safe while we continue to provide your pet with the health care that they deserve.  

Your continued understanding and patience is greatly appreciated as we navigate through our new protocol changes.  These changes may increase waiting times.  

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your pet's Health Care Team.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

PLEASE NOTE:  For the safety of your pets,  ALL cats must be brought in a secure carrier.  If you do not have a carrier, we are happy to loan you one.  ALL dogs must be brought on a non-flex leash and a securely fitted collar or harness.  We will be escorting our dog patients with our slip leads as well.  Small dogs and other small pets can also be brought in a secure carrier.

If your pet needs a refill of medications, supplements, preventions or prescription diets, we have a few options to help you receive these necessities for your furry family members:

🐾 My Vetstore! Most of the products that we carry here in our hospital are also available on our Online Pharmacy: https://northshoreah.myvetstor...

🐾 Curbside! Order your prescriptions like you always have. Call us when you get here. We will  bring out your pet’s medications, food and anything that you and your pet needs while you wait in your vehicle.

🐾 Home Delivery! For our senior, quarantined and at-risk clients, one of our staff members will deliver what your pet needs, right to your front door for porch pick-up.

We want our clients and patients to stay healthy.  We hope these options will alleviate some of the stress and worry that you may have regarding your well being  as well as your pet's health care needs.

Pet Surgery

CLICK HERE to learn more about our surgical procedures and protocols.

If you have any questions, please call us at: 

(262) 639-7500  

  or email us at:           

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Pet Dental

CLICK HERE to learn more about our dental procedures and protocols.

At North Shore Animal Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family members that they are.

Dr. Linda Axnick 

Dr. Todd Whitney

Dr. Heidi Jahn

 Dr. Al Arbas

Dr. Thomas Torhorst

Dr. Chantil Ayres

                                                                 Dr. Deb Hollis

 North Shore Animal Hospital | 262-639-7500  |  FAX: 262-639-7658

4630 Douglas Ave.
Racine, WI 53402

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We are proud to implement the following benchmarks in order to provide your pet with the highest level of care.

Meet the Doctors

at North Shore Animal Hospital

  • Dr.
    Deb Hollis

    Education: UW-River Falls, University of Minnesota-College of Veterinary Medicine 

    Dr. Hollis grew up in the Twin Cities and graduated from The University of Minnesota in 1998 with a degree in Veterinary Medicine. She moved shortly after that and began her career working with horses. For the past nineteen years she has worked at Small Animal Veterinary Hospitals in SE Wisconsin and enjoys creating bonds with clients and their furry family members. 

    She has many dogs, cats, goats, chickens horses and a mini donkey. Besides caring for her own furry and feathery critters, she also enjoys being outdoors with her family, camping and trail riding with her horses.
    Dr. Hollis has many passions when it comes to her position as a Veterinarian including Feline and Canine Dentistry. She also loves counseling families with new kittens and puppies to ensure that they have a good start in life as well as helping senior pets live the longest, healthiest and happiest life possible.

  • Dr. Linda
    Veterinarian and Co-Owner


    • UW-Madison
    • UW-Madison college of Veterinary Medicine

    As part of the NSAH team since 1999, Dr. Linda Axnick enjoys practicing preventative medicine as well as performing surgery. Along with her husband Dr. Whitney, she spends much of her free time participating in dock diving and agility with their four Retrievers.

  • Dr.
    Todd Whitney
    Veterinarian and Co-Owner

    Education:  UW-Madison

    UW-Madison College of Veterinary Medicine

    Dr. Whitney joined the North Shore Animal Hospital Team in August of 2012 when he became a co-owner with his wife Linda, who is also a Veterinarian here at North Shore Animal Hospital. 

    Dr. Whitney is from Green Bay and graduated from UW Madison in 1995 with a degree in Veterinary Medicine. One of his favorite things about working at North Shore Animal Hospital is educating clients regarding pet health and especially helping new puppy and kitten parents with behavior training to give them a happy start. When Dr. Todd isn’t spending time with NSAH patients, he enjoys spending time with his wife Linda and their four dogs; Pink, Skye, Effie and Duncan. They travel around Wisconsin and the country competing in (and winning) Canine Agility and Dock Diving Competitions with their dogs.

  • Dr.
    Heidi Jahn


    • UW-Madison
    • UW-Madison College of Veterinary Medicine

    Dr. Heidi Jahn has been with NSAH since 1991. She has a special interest in internal medicine and working up complicated cases. She loves her patients and they love her back.

     Dr. Jahn received her degree from the University of Wisconsin with the second graduating class in the School of Veterinary Medicine. She has been a Veterinarian since 1988 but has been keeping North Shore Animal Hospital patients happy and healthy since 1991!

    When Dr. Jahn isn’t giving lots of attention and TLC to our client’s pets, she has five cats of her own that she enjoys spoiling and spending time with her two senior cats; Bucky, Esme and four year old feline twins, Gilley and Roarke. She also enjoys traveling, photography and spending time at the lake hiking, swimming and lots of book reading.

  • Dr.
    Al Arbas


    • Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine

    As part of the North Shore family since 1992, Dr. Arbas currently works part time and enjoys educating our clients on the importance of preventative medicine, wellness exam and vaccines.  When he isn't helping keep our patients healthy, Dr. Arbas enjoys cooking, golfing and being outdoors, fishing and traveling with his wife, Anne.

  • Dr.
    Tom Torhorst
    Veterinarian and Founder of North Shore Animal Hospital


    • UW-Madison
    • Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine
    • Dr. Torhorst is the founder and former owner of North Shore Animal Hospital. He sold the practice in 2012 and still works part-time, performing surgeries at NSAH.

    • He was born in Burlington and has been an important member of the community and  North Shore Animal Hospital for almost five decades! Dr. Torhorst graduated from UW- Madison with a degree in Economics and then went on to receive his degree in Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University in 1968. (UW-Madison did not have a Veterinary School at the time).
    •  In 1972 he became a Veterinarian at the Racine Zoo where he worked until 1997.  He was the Zoo Director and President of the local Zoological Society for several years and also became a Wildlife Rehabilitation Veterinarian. It wasn’t unusual to see wildlife and zoo animals, such as; Fox, Bald Eagles. Deer, Leopards and Ostriches at the clinic back then.
    •  Dr. Torhorst also performed many surgeries for injured wildlife and zoo animals, including a c-section on Bonnie, the zoo’s famous White Tiger. 
    • Dr. Torhorst and his wife, Jeanne have three sons and nine grand kids, a retriever named Annie and a cat named Tebs. Their home also doubled as a nursery for Orangutans, Fawns, Lion Cubs and many other furry babies that needed extra TLC and rehabilitation.
  • Dr.
    Chantil Ayres-Ruud


    • Pepperdine University
    • Colorado State School of Veterinary Medicine

    Dr. Ayres-Ruud has been a part of the North Shore Animal Hospital Team since 1997.  She and her husband have three children and several dogs, cats and horses.  Dr. Ayres- Ruud enjoys spending time with her family, competing in horse shows with her children and is an avid Iron Man Triathlete.  Due to her busy and active family life, she currently fills in and helps keep our patients healthy and happy when other doctors are out of the office.  


Read What Our Clients Say

    "The staff are always very good- friendly, caring and efficient and always follow up to see if there are any questions or new developments. I always feel that my pets are both well cared for and cared about. Thank you for all of your help."

    Scott Farnsworth

    For a first time Dog owner, I am extremely grateful that the clinic answers all of our questions and ensures our puppy is growing in a healthy manner. All of the staff are nothing short of Wonderful!

    Andy Donovan

    North Shore's staff is extremely friendly and knowledeable. They go above and beyond to make their furry patients feel safe and calm. My dog is extremely cooperative and happy while she is in their care. I highly recommend their services.

    Erica Frazier

    We have been coming to North Shore for at least 15 years. Our cats have always been treated with respect and kindness. From the moment we step through the doors, we are treated as guests!

    Terry Preischel

    As a new pet owner, I had lots of questions. The staff answered all of my questions. The staff was so friendly and kind to myself, dog and children. I was expecting to feel uncomfortable as a new pet owner, but my first visit was beyond my expectations.

    Erica Pie

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